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Alto Saxophone Ring Ligature

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Tools, jigs and fixtures  
I designed this ligature based on the bois ring ligature for my Martin Elkhart Alto Saxophone.

It has a groove inside to put 1/16th inch o-ring stock if you want to (glued in with superglue).

It's a 25mm inner diameter with the O-ring and 28mm without the ring.

You may want to measure your mouthpiece beforehand to make sure it will fit and scale the model slightly if needed.

If scaled slightly, it will also work for clarinets as well as tenor, soprano, baritone sax etc.

o Technical Information

  - Date published : 01/11/2018

  - Support Free : YES


Alto Saxophone Ring Ligature by Daniel Anderson @cudderbup ( )

We appreciate Daniel to allow us to share your talented design here.

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