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Darek Fred

Used in: 
Product design
Used as: 
Concept models  
o Description
hi this is my secound entery to the Sindoh competitions. meet Dalek Fred you can place a amazon echo or google home mini in the top there is cable access through the body hope you like and happy printing.

o Download Files
This model has multi parts to print.
Please refer to for the full parts

o Printing Details
this was printed in 5 parts the body it 1 part and the siver parts are separate the body is very big and took 48 hours to print it is hollow to help i used brims on all the small parts

o Technical Information
- Date published 25/02/2019
- Support Free YES


Darek Fred by martin John Hawkes @Brithawkes (

We appreciate martin John Hawkes to allow us to share your talented design here.

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