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ABOUT Sindoh

Founded in 1960, Sindoh has been a leading enterprise in printers/MFPs, copiers, supplies and now as well as Sindoh’s newest 3D printer line, 3DWOX.

Today, Sindoh is expanding and gaining strength in the international market with newly developed sales channels and products with unique features. With Sindoh’s core competence of R&D and manufacturing system, it is Sindoh’s goal to continue delivering quality products and designs to our customers across the world

Few years have passed since Sindoh has stepped forward to the international printer market and the increased interest of 3D printers could not have gone unnoticed. After carefully investigating the possibilities and understanding the opportunities, Sindoh has decided to develop and produce its own 3D printers. Finding much similarity in conventional printer system, Sindoh was able to transfer all existing technologies that are applicable to a 3D printer. What finally came out as a result was a professionally finished product line named 3DWOX which comes with unique user friendly features that we believe the market has been long waiting for.

Sindoh 3D Printer is available at -