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Google Home Mini Buddy

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Product design
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Concept models  
o Description

This Google Home Mini Buddy is my first attempt at designing something myself.

I designed it in Sketchup which was a real challenge.

The face front and body can be printed without supports.

For the face back don't be too cheap on the supports, I did and it ended up a bit flimsy.

As mine is in front of a wall it doesn't really matter.

You can screw the pieces together with some M4 bolts and nuts, you need 5 of them.

The holes for the bolts are a tight fit so you can go without the nuts if you don't want to take it apart very often.

If you use nuts you can widen the holes a bit with a small file or drill bit.

o Download Files

- Bodyfixed.stl :

- Facebackfixed.stl (Repaired) :

- Facefrontfixed.stl :

o Technical Information

- Date published 11/02/2019

- Dimensions 154mm x 166mm x 279mm


Google Home Mini Buddy by Guy Van den Nieuwenhof @guyvdn (

We appreciate Guy Van den Nieuwenhof to allow us to share your talented design here.

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